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Surgical treatments to consider for the different sizes of the kidney stones.

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Kidney Stones

The best kidney hospital in Ludhiana carries out minimally invasive techniques for the treatment of kidney stones. According to the urologist Ludhiana, “No matter whether it is a smaller stone or the larger stone, MIS is always effective.”

So let us get to know something interesting about kidney stones and their treatment.


The biggest benefit 

The giant benefit of the minimally invasive stone treatment surgery is that it is done on an outpatient basis which means that the patient can return home the same day which makes him even more comfortable since no hospital visit is required. Besides, this treatment allows the patient to recover at a fast rate which helps him to resume his daily activities at a speedy rate.  


Three techniques 

There are three techniques for the treatment of kidney stones. The selection of the procedure depends on the medical condition of the patient which includes the following factors: 

  • Size of the kidney stone 
  • Type of the stone 
  • Previous history of medicine intake

  • Shockwave Lithotripsy

SWL is performed when the patient is under the effect of anaesthesia. This surgery can help to eliminate the stones which are either small-sized or medium-sized. Large stones are not being treated with this approach. 


Bonus points

  • No effect to the adjoining tissue 
  • Urine flow will help to eliminate all the fragments 
  • No discomfort at all 
  • Ureter stones can also be treated with this 
  • Highest success rate 
  • No postoperative complications 
  • No incisions and thus no discomfort of the sutures or stitches 

  • Ureteroscopy and the laser lithotripsy 


The excellent feature of this procedure is that it helps in the removal of the stone, be it small or large, located in any organ of the urinary tract. The mechanism of this procedure includes the reaching of the small scope to the ureter via the opening of the ureter into the bladder. No sooner are the stones located than they are fragmented into tiny pieces so that they can easily get drained through the urine. 


Bonus points

  • Zero unsuccessful rate 
  • Flexible procedure 
  • One step ahead of the SWL 
  • No intake of the blood-thinning medications is required 
  • Stitch free procedure 

  • Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy 


When the size of the kidney stones is extremely large and it is becoming complicated to remove them with the above-mentioned procedure, then PCNL is taken into account. Since the stone is large, the patient has to be kept under observation for one day and thus it becomes an inpatient procedure. 

To carry out the procedure, sully a urologist and a radiologist work in coordination. 


Bonus Points

  • The best procedure for the patients having tremendously large kidney stone or having multiple stones in one area
  • Multiple stones require only one session to get eliminated 
  • Safest and result oriented procedure 


Lets’ conclude!

To take up an effective treatment plan for the kidney stone, you should visit Rg hospital ludhiana. 

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