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Successful Holmium Laser Surgery on Kids

Minimal Invasive Surgery

Successful Holmium Laser Surgery on Kids

Recently a 15 months old baby named Jagjeevan Singh from Jagraon, presented with the pain while passing urine and he was diagnosed to have two large bladder stones measuring 18 mm and 15 mm. After conducting initial tests, our specialized team of RG Stone decided to opt for Holmium Surgery. Finally, the kid was discharged 24 hours after surgery.

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Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty to cure Horse Shoe Kidney with PUJ Obstruction

A young female patient named Mrs. Tripta Goel age 25 years from Mandi Gobind Garh (Punjab) India, presented with pain in the left flank. Her initial investigations showed that she was having an anomaly in her kidney, which is called the horseshoe kidney. In addition, she was having obstruction at the junction of pelvis and ureter (PUJ Obstruction). This problem requires surgery (Pyeloplasty).

The chief urologist at RG Stone, Ludhiana, Dr. Anand Sehgal (Mch, Urology) performed the procedure of laparoscopic pyeloplasty on 29th October 2009. Conventionally, this surgery is being done through a large incision in the abdomen which requires prolonged hospitalization and painful recovery. However, surgery at our center was done laparoscopically through three small holes. Mrs. Tripta was discharged from hospital on 4th day in satisfactory condition. This is a technically demanding procedure and is considered to be an advanced laparoscopic urological procedure that is being done in very few centers in India.

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