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Things to know about urinary health for transgenders

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Things to know about urinary health for transgenders

Hormone therapy is a beneficial therapy for those who suffer from transgender conditions. Hormone therapy helps to find gender identity. Hormone therapy has positive physical and psychological effects on the transitioning individual and is considered a treatment for many patients. After knowing your gender, you can get surgery to convert to a self-known gender. You can opt for Transgender Surgery.

Transgender Urinary Health and how hormone therapy affects the Urinary tract

Urinary health for trans male

A trans male assigned female at birth is mostly using high levels of testosterone medication for urinary health. There are several side effects to testosterone medication when you get medication treatment that blocks the ovaries’ function. Side effects include vaginal dryness, pelvic pain, and increased urinary tract infection frequency after medication treatment. 

Some symptoms do not disappear, but some medication help to reduce those side effects, such as 

Stay hydrated 

More drinking water helps to moisturize your body and helps to hydrate your body. Drinking helps to solve problems such as vaginal dryness and decreased urine tract infections.

Do not use perfume. 

Using soap, bubble baths, and powder is the cause of vaginal dryness. 


Many probiotics help to reduce vaginal dryness. First, ask your healthcare doctor to guide you on probiotics. 

Utilize natural lubricant 

Aloe vera gel, coconut oil, and vitamin D, this all-natural lubricant helps rescue dryness.

If you suffer from pelvic pain, pelvic floor therapy helps reduce the pain. If you do regular treatment, this therapy helps to reduce other problems such as intercourse, sexual dysfunction, and other issues.

Urinary health for trans female

This baby was born female, but the doctor assigned male. Most of the use for high levels of estradiol medication with anti-androgen for urinary health. This procedure affects a trans-female reproductive system: pelvic growth and a relaxed pelvic floor. Pelvic floor physical therapy improves the symptoms. When you adopt estradiol and anti-androgen medication, you begin to have prostate issues. Estoril treatment helps to decrease the level of BPH. When you start transgender hormone therapy, then you have prostate cancer. It is common after treatment. 

Transgender surgery 

When you want transgender surgery, there are various surgical techniques to use for transition to your self identify gender. Using surgical procedures has many side effects. Before surgery, you should ask your healthcare doctor for the proper medical procedure information.  

Trans male surgery 

Trans Male surgery has many surgical procedures, such as bottom surgery and penis.


Phalloplasty surgery is surgery for urine. That procedure allows urination through the penis. 


Metoidioplasty surgery is different from phalloplasty surgery. In which surgery removes a vagina. 

Trans female surgery

Trans Female surgery more than shortens the uterine. It has some side effects, such as they suffer urinary tract infections after surgery. After surgery, neurogenic bladder. After surgery, you suffer from urination issues. The prostate relocated to neovagina. If you have any queries regarding surgery, then you ask your doctor. They will provide you with information.

Transgender surgery includes  various surgical procedures. One is that plastic surgery helps to give a shape and size according to self-known gender. Cosmetic Surgery helps remove a scar through surgical treatment. 

Gallbladder disease

Signs and Symptoms of Overactive Bladder Which You should not Ignore

Overactive Bladder

If you have a frequent and sudden tendency to urinate, you might have an overactive gallbladder. OAB makes you feel that your urge to pass urine is uncontrollable. There will be tendencies to pass urine many times in the entire day, which will cause unintentional urine loss (urinary continence) in you.

OAB will leave you embarrassed and will make you isolate yourself in your professional and social life. But you can get the specific cause of your OAB from the Best Urologist in Ludhiana.

You can control the symptoms of OAB with specific changes like diet intake, timed voiding, and pelvic floor muscle exercises. If these measures don’t work, you can then undergo Gallstones surgery in Ludhiana.

Symptoms of OAB

  • Sudden and uncontrollable urge to urinate.
  • Unintentional loss of urine after the urgent need to urinate(urinary continence).
  • Urinate consistently more than eight times in 24 hours.
  • Need to wake up at night to urinate more than two times.

Sometimes you experience unexpected frequent and nighttime urination, which leaves you as a butt of jokes.

If you have all these signs and symptoms, you must consult a doctor for better advice.

Conditions that contribute to an overactive bladder

  • Neurological disorders such as stroke and multiple sclerosis.
  • Diabetes.
  • Urinary Tract Infections cause the same symptoms as the overactive bladder.
  • Hormonal changes during menopause in women.
  • Tumors and bladder stones
  • Enlarged prostate.
  • Constipation. 

Involuntary Bladder Contraction

This condition happens when the muscles of the bladder start contracting on their own despite the volume of urine being low. This also leads to the symptoms mentioned below, which are:

  • Medications that cause excessive production of urine in your body. 
  • Excessive alcohol or caffeine intake.
  • Declining cognitive function due to aging, which makes it hard for your bladder to understand the signals from your brain.
  • Difficulty in walking, which could lead to bladder urgency if you can’t make it to the washroom quickly.
  • Incomplete bladder emptying, which leads to OAB, as you have little urine storage space left.

Complications due to an Overactive Bladder

If you are suffering from an overactive bladder, you might have certain complications which will disrupt your quality of life. These complications are:

  • Depression or Emotional Distress.
  • Anxiety
  • Disrupted sleep pattern.
  • Sexuality issues.

If you can get these issues treated in time, you may have the chance of getting rid of OAB.

Tips to Prevent Overactive Bladder

These are the tips you can follow to prevent an overactive bladder from disrupting your daily life:

  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Perform physical exercises on a daily basis.
  • Curb caffeine and alcohol intake.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Manage chronic conditions like diabetes, which is the main contributor to this disease.
  • Perform kegel exercises preferred for stronger pelvic muscles.

Overactive bladder disorder can bring a lot of humiliation to anyone. It even leads to many unwanted conditions. You can consult a doctor for its prevention and treatment. Simultaneously, you can even bring in some healthy changes to avoid this disease disrupting your daily life and making you the butt of jokes.

Urologic Diseases

Why Do Men Need To Visit Their Urologists Regularly?

If you can skip your regular visit to the urologist, think again. Regularly visiting the urologist is essential for men, especially as they age. After a certain age, men must see their urologists regularly so that nothing in their health condition gets overlooked.

As a man ages, around forty years old, the prostate starts to enlarge, and there is a change in urinary and sexual functions. You must find a trusted urologist and schedule yearly checkups to maintain your health. You can see the Best Urologist in Ludhiana; they provide the best treatment based on issues specific to your health.


A urologist is a medical practitioner who treats diseases related to the urinary tract in both men and women. 

Regularly visiting the urologist as men age is crucial, as health issues can happen to anyone. 

The patients must talk openly to their urologists about their issues. Having an in-depth conversation with your urologist is also crucial in figuring out the best possible treatment for you that is customised to your specific issues. 

Urological Problems in Men

Most men suffer from urological conditions. Some men are more at risk as they reach middle age due to their medical history. 

They must visit a trusted urologist as they age. The urologist will conduct a comprehensive assessment of their medical history and perform a thorough checkup to identify any potential risk factors for urological problems in men.

Some of the urological problems men face

Prostate cancer-

Most urologists often check men for prostate cancer, a common condition in men. It can be treated successfully if the patient visits the doctor in time. 

Testicular cancer-

Many men also have testicular cancer. The urologist might check for any abnormal growth or lumps on the testes. The common symptoms are lower back pain, enlargement of boobs or soreness in the testes, etc.; men who had the early onset of puberty are more at risk of testicular cancer.  

Kidney stones:

Kidney stones are also a prevalent condition men face. When the various elements in the urine crystallize to form stones, they are smaller initially but can grow to about a few inches. The most common symptoms are abdominal pain, difficulty and pain during urination, and vomiting. 


Gallstones are a very painful condition where constituents of the bile turn into stones of various sizes. The color of the bile might change. The gallstone also occurs if the gallbladder is not able to empty often.  

Most of the time, if the gallstones are obstructing and reoccur, the patient might need gallstone surgery. If you suffer from gallstones and need an operation, you can get high-quality Gallstone surgery in Ludhiana at affordable prices.


Suffering from urological problems can be very frustrating for men. They can obstruct their daily lives and can be the cause of persistent discomfort. If you need to see a urologist for your urological conditions, visiting RG Stone Urology & Laparoscopy Hospital Ludhiana can be best for you. You will get guaranteed treatment at economical prices.


Pelvic Floor Muscle

Importance of Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises

The muscles around the urethra that help the bladder muscles work together while filling urine are called Pelvic floor muscles. These muscles must remain tight to ensure proper urine flow to the bladder, thus avoiding any leakage. But due to lifestyle changes, the pelvic floor muscles may loosen up, due to which leakage of urine can occur. These leakages can happen when you move. For this, you should contact the Best Urologist in Ludhiana.

Kegel Exercises

A doctor named Arnold Kegel developed exercises to ensure these muscles are tight to avoid such urine leakages. These exercises are called Kegel Exercises. They help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles so they don’t leak urine while we move. Doctors who perform Gallstones Surgery in Ludhiana always suggest people with loose pelvic floor muscles perform these exercises. 

Reasons to use Kegel Exercises Daily

  1. These exercises will increase the strength of your pelvic floor muscles to ensure no urine leakage.
  2. These exercises will help you gain more control over the urge to go for urination and prevent urine loss.

Techniques of Kegel Exercises

There are many ways to find your pelvic floor muscles. Women may feel a slightly pulling inside the rectum and vagina, whereas men will feel a pulling in of the anus and movement of the penis. Since every human is unique, there will be unique methods for finding their pelvic floor muscles.

Muscles to avoid while performing these exercises

  • Abdominal Muscles
  • Chest Muscles
  • Buttock Muscles
  • Thigh muscles

General Technique for Kegel Exercise

Imagine you are in a crowded room, wanting to pass gas or “wind.” Many of us squeeze the rectum and anus to prevent gas from passing. The muscles you squeeze are the pelvic floor muscles. If there is a “pulling” sensation in the anus, then those are the right muscles. This is usually the most successful method amongst most of the patients.

When to perform Kegel Exercises

  1. While performing any routine task, i.e., brushing teeth..
  2. After urination, get rid of the last drops of urine..
  3. Getting up in the morning.
  4. Morning walks.

You don’t have to keep a count on these exercises. You need to keep on doing these exercises in a row and make them a habit

In case you are facing any issues with performing these exercises, you can consult your doctor. They can give you proper feedback and help you with these exercises. That will help you in learning how to contract the pelvic floor muscles. Apart from that, it will help you in controlling urine flow and preventing urine leakage.

If you perform the kegel exercises on a regular basis, then you can expect results like less frequent urine leakage within a few weeks. This also helps you to prevent any symptoms like constipation, painful urination, pain in the lower back, urinary dysfunction and erectile dysfunction.


There are many diseases and dysfunctions which you can avoid by performing kegel exercises. This not only saves us from these diseases, this also prevents you from any kidney related ailment.

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