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Things to know about urinary health for transgenders

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Hormone therapy is a beneficial therapy for those who suffer from transgender conditions. Hormone therapy helps to find gender identity. Hormone therapy has positive physical and psychological effects on the transitioning individual and is considered a treatment for many patients. After knowing your gender, you can get surgery to convert to a self-known gender. You can opt for Transgender Surgery.

Transgender Urinary Health and how hormone therapy affects the Urinary tract

Urinary health for trans male

A trans male assigned female at birth is mostly using high levels of testosterone medication for urinary health. There are several side effects to testosterone medication when you get medication treatment that blocks the ovaries’ function. Side effects include vaginal dryness, pelvic pain, and increased urinary tract infection frequency after medication treatment. 

Some symptoms do not disappear, but some medication help to reduce those side effects, such as 

Stay hydrated 

More drinking water helps to moisturize your body and helps to hydrate your body. Drinking helps to solve problems such as vaginal dryness and decreased urine tract infections.

Do not use perfume. 

Using soap, bubble baths, and powder is the cause of vaginal dryness. 


Many probiotics help to reduce vaginal dryness. First, ask your healthcare doctor to guide you on probiotics. 

Utilize natural lubricant 

Aloe vera gel, coconut oil, and vitamin D, this all-natural lubricant helps rescue dryness.

If you suffer from pelvic pain, pelvic floor therapy helps reduce the pain. If you do regular treatment, this therapy helps to reduce other problems such as intercourse, sexual dysfunction, and other issues.

Urinary health for trans female

This baby was born female, but the doctor assigned male. Most of the use for high levels of estradiol medication with anti-androgen for urinary health. This procedure affects a trans-female reproductive system: pelvic growth and a relaxed pelvic floor. Pelvic floor physical therapy improves the symptoms. When you adopt estradiol and anti-androgen medication, you begin to have prostate issues. Estoril treatment helps to decrease the level of BPH. When you start transgender hormone therapy, then you have prostate cancer. It is common after treatment. 

Transgender surgery 

When you want transgender surgery, there are various surgical techniques to use for transition to your self identify gender. Using surgical procedures has many side effects. Before surgery, you should ask your healthcare doctor for the proper medical procedure information.  

Trans male surgery 

Trans Male surgery has many surgical procedures, such as bottom surgery and penis.


Phalloplasty surgery is surgery for urine. That procedure allows urination through the penis. 


Metoidioplasty surgery is different from phalloplasty surgery. In which surgery removes a vagina. 

Trans female surgery

Trans Female surgery more than shortens the uterine. It has some side effects, such as they suffer urinary tract infections after surgery. After surgery, neurogenic bladder. After surgery, you suffer from urination issues. The prostate relocated to neovagina. If you have any queries regarding surgery, then you ask your doctor. They will provide you with information.

Transgender surgery includes  various surgical procedures. One is that plastic surgery helps to give a shape and size according to self-known gender. Cosmetic Surgery helps remove a scar through surgical treatment. 

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