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Common Signs & Symptoms of Urinary Disorders

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Urinary Problems

Are you aware of your Urinary System completely? Well, most of you know that our Urinary system helps release toxins and waste from our body through urine.

Instead, most people know nothing about it, along with the urinary disorders they might be facing and noticing the symptoms. Later they will be looking for the “Best Urologist in Ludhiana‘ or Kidney Hospitals to get their treatment done.

We specifically believe in “Precaution is better than cure.” Hence, we are going to talk about some of the common signs and symptoms of urinary disorders, with the help of which you can learn more about your urinary system and cure the problems linked with it.

List of Urinary Disorders Commonly Faced

Before talking about Urinary disorders, let us look at how the urinary system in our body works.

The first and most crucial section of our Urinary system is the upper urinary tract, which consists of our kidneys, which help clean blood, and all the waste collected is converted into the form of urine in the same section.

Urine then moves to the Urinary bladder through the ureters; the Urinary bladder is the storage system of urine.

Once the muscles start contracting, the urine is released from our body with the help of the last part of the lower urinary tract, which is the urethra.

If you are facing any urinary disorder, it means there is some problem in your urinary tract.

Some of the urinary disorders are as follows:

  • Phimosis
  • Kidney Stone
  • Urinary Bladder Stone
  • Balanitis
  • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Common Signs & Symptoms of Urinary Disorders

Let us look at some of the general symptoms & signs of Urinary disorders. If you are facing any of the mentioned-below signs, you should get in touch with a Urologist as early as possible.

  • If your Urine color is dark, brown, or red, this is a serious sign of an enlarged prostate or tumor.
  • When you face pain while passing urine, you either have a urinary tract infection (for women) or any prostate condition (for men).
  • If you have a consistent urge to urinate, this means there are urinary problems affecting your bladder functioning.
  • When your body cannot control the urinary bladder or pass urine when you cough or sneeze, you face urinary incontinence.
  • If you can notice a foul smell from your urine, this must be because of some medications you took or bladder inflammation.
  • When you are facing sharp pain in the back and side of the last rib, there is a high chance of having some problem with your urinary bladder.


However, with this post, you must have a good enough idea of the most common signs and symptoms of urinary problems.

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