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A Comprehensive Guide To Understand Everything About Urinary Retention

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The Human bladder is like a bag to collect the waste of the human body in the form of urine and when it is full a person needs to urinate. Passing of urine is important because in urine the waste of human body is present such as after filtration of wastewater, sodium ions, potassium, calcium nitrogenous waste like urea and ammonia and is important to pass the urine from the body and the process is called urination. 

 Definition of urinary retention 

Urinary retention is a problem in which patients feel discomfort while passing the urine and they are not able to empty their bladder and the main cause of this problem is blockages, nerve issues and some medicational effects. It is of two types acute and chronic. In both conditions patients should consult the best urologist of ludhiana

Symptoms of acute and chronic retention 

Acute urinary retention : In this retention patient feels sudden and often pain but unable to urinate after having the full bladder with urine. 

Chronic urinary retention : The patient with chronic urinary retention is able to pass the urine but not able to empty the bladder and in this retention patients are unable to feel any symptoms .

Causes of acute and chronic retention 

 Cause of acute retention : The main cause of this retention is blockage and narrowing in the urethra and bladder neck, the urethral sphincter is to close and urinary tract stones which are also known as calculi. Constipation can also cause acute retention through compression on the urethra 

Causes of chronic retention : In the chronic retention the cause can be categorized as 

  1. Obstructive: obstructive retention causes benign prostatic hyperplasia in male, and organ prolapse in females and urethral strictures in both genders. 
  2. Infectious or inflammatory : This retention is vary with the cause of injury and the power of the body to repair it 
  3. Neurologic : This retention is caused by defective innervation. 

How to diagnose it 

For the diagnosis of the cause of urinary retention, urologists use various information such as medical history, physical exam of the patient, tests of urine measurements, laboratory tests, scans,urodynamic tests and cystoscopy. By the reports of these tests urologists find the main cause of the problem. 

Treatment of urinary retention

For  acute retention: Doctors insert the catheter to drain the urine quickly also they use local anesthesia to prevent the patient from feeling discomfort. If a catheter does not work and can not be used in those cases, professionalists use suprapubic catheters for the patients. 

for chronic urinary retention: There are various methods to cure the chronic retention. 

  1. Catheterization : Catheters are used for draining out the urine from the bladder but it is not a long term solution for chronic retention because frequent use of catheters cause infection in the body because of bacteria. 
  2. Urethral dilation and stents: In this method small tubes are inserted into the urethra which helps to open the urethral stricture. It is a safe method.
  3. Medication : Urologists suggest some medicines to help in the treatment of retention.
  4. Surgery: if the other methods do not work then doctors suggest surgery for treating the urinary retention. 


Humans can prevent themselves from urinary retention by keeping their diet proper and by doing some exercise and yoga related to the strength of the internal organs.

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